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About Us

We are the Agrobrasil Coffee, a company located in Londrina (PR), Brazil, was founded in 2009 and began operations in search of supplying the international market with better green coffee from Brazil. In this segment, Agrobrasil Coffee works with the best coffee producing regions such as Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Paraná, Espírito Santo.

For Agrobrasil Coffee, product quality and service excellence are starting points for negotiations. Young and dynamic company growing fast, the AGROBRASIL Coffee is ready to give this support to all its customers. Personalized service, consistent quality and supply security are part of our differential to our customers and partners.

Our labor policies are guided by the consolidation of partnerships always seeking lasting relationships with our customers by offering products that meet all quality requirements and cost for your application. Seriously, punctuality in business and always with respect to its customers, the company has earned its place in the market. Always demonstrating transparency in its relations with customers and suppliers, the company guarantees the service and the satisfaction of everyone from the closing of the deal to delivery of products always seeking quality and punctuality in the negotiations.

Currently we are:

  • Members of the International Coffee Organization ICO London
    Registration nr. 1559
  • Members of the 4C Association

We are available for consultation price, quality, origin and other information.

Thank you for your attention,

Agrobrasil Coffee

Postal Code: 86010-918
Londrina - Pr - Brazil
221, Rio de Janeiro Street (Door 91)
Phone: +55 43 3338-0100
Mail: info@agrobrasilcoffee.com